How can you be secured if the accident happens and an injury occurs while we work for you?

How can you be secured if the accident is out and an injury occurs while we work for you?


As a serious wedding and honorary photographer, I often think what other photographers do yes and indeed also other professional groups of self-employed to ensure your customers if the accident should be out and you are going to hurt your customers or customers?
I’m in an industry where there are a lot of people who have photography as a b-income or where people do not give anything to tax “father” and therefore probably / maybe playing a little with the fire.

What insurance should you draw?

I had been informed that there were some statutory insurance policies so I bought myself when I started as a self-employed person, a liability insurance and work injury insurance to my employee. In addition, I also have a safe insurance if my equipment was to be destroyed.
So if the accident is out when we are on a customer’s mission, then the customer’s things and people present are actually covered quite well, not that it has happened to me, but I dare almost never think the end is purely economical if , I did not now have my insurances and then did a personal injury or property damage to a customer, and you can never afford to be sure, but just insure.
But not enough, it would also destroy me personally if I caused injury to a person and could not pay the costs that would be associated with the loss, including lost earnings, disability, sore and pain, etc.

Show customers respect.

It is in my eyes also to show respect for a customer to be properly insured, but maybe it’s just me who does not want to gamble so high games.
Did you show what other photographers run their “business” as b income to not talk about those who do not know anything at all and thus do not have CVR numbers and professional liability insurance, what do they do to ensure a customer is against Possibly. damage to the customer, customer’s guests and things if the accident should be out while working for the customers?

Does that mean anything for you as a customer?

Does that mean anything to you as a customer that I have these insurance policies or weigh the price of photography higher than one possible. financial security if now the accident should be out?


It could happen next time.

A thoughtful situation could be I stumble while I’m on a task. In my case I encounter a person who falls and strikes his head heavily on a curb, the person gets a brain injury, (actually happens in between with a bicycle on a bike without a helmet).
I know that my insurance can not change things, but at least it can keep both the person and, of course, my company harmless.
Have a nice day.
Best regards Jan Igaard, photographer

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